Michael McDermott

Co-founder, DP/Director

Michael and Studio McDermott's work was featured in the 200th episode of American Masters film "SALINGER"





Amy McDermott

Co-founder, Creative Consultant, Client Liaison





About Us

Studio McDermott is an LLC founded in 2011 by Amy and Michael McDermott.



Seeking the possibility of beauty,having faith that it exists in every human scenario,the patience to seek it out and the confidence to know it when we see it,our mission is to show others things that can't be discovered or revealed in any other way, creating imagery of purpose for people.

Company Overview

As Chief Creative Officer for Studio McDermott, Amy McDermott works as a Creative Director, manages the day-to-day business, develops concepts, works as location script-shot supervisor and also continues her still photography for Alaska Airlines brochures, web and print campaigns, and point of purchase in all airline terminals. As a painter and photographer, Amy has years of experience combining business and the arts. Amy is a member of Urban Art Network and has been published in numerous magazines. Michael's role in Studio McDermott is that of Director/DP/Photographer and he has worked for OSHU for various projects in stills, video and broadcast. Other premiere clients include the University of Oregon and Disney, shooting stills and creating commercials and videos.


At Studio McDermott, we compete with ourselves. We never settle for "good enough," we always strive for greatness. Our lifelong passion for communicating thoughts and ideas with visual tools for organizations and companies is what sets us apart from other studios. We are a small company that thinks big.